Ebba in grey pants and jacket

5 Questions: Marina Kereklidou, Designer

Marina Kereklidou is the Swedish designer, stylist, creative director and just general fashion maven behind many of the designs of Ebba Sports. 

Marina Kereklidou, please tell us about your role in Ebba Sports?

- I'm the designer. Put simply Ebba describes her ideas to me and I create the design. After that there’s a long road to finding the right factory, testing samples and deciding on the details before it finally reaches the hands of our customer

How did this collaboration come about?

- Ebba and I have known each other for a very long time from both working in the industry. When she asked me if I wanted to do this I felt strongly that I could - I understand her and what she wants to create with Ebba Sports.

What is your relationship to sports and sportswear?

- Ebba is the one with a passion for working out - my feelings about sports are a bit more toned down. But when it comes to mixing in sportswear with fashion I’m all for it - it can add a nice edge. We design the clothes with that in mind and they should work seamlessly with your regular wears as well.

In the design process, what were some of the things you didn't want to compromise on?

- Quality, fit and that extra twist for an elevated style. The leggings are a great example of all three things working perfectly together. They are made in a knitted seamless fabric which makes for incredible comfort, they hug you in all the right places while not being too tight and they come in fun print designs.

Ok, last but NOT least - Marina, your favorite piece from the collection and how do you wear it?

- The leopard print leggings! They are so comfortable, unique and incredibly cool. Why not wear the entire set and match it with sneakers and an oversized suit jacket! Oh, and the socks you will love us for are finally here - don't miss out on them either...