Terms of service

1. GENERAL These terms of purchase (the "Agreement" below) are adapted for sale on the Internet (distance selling). Ebba von Sydow AB (Organization number: 556809-9377) is the selling party. You, (the "customer" below), are the purchasing party. The terms of this Agreement are adapted for sale to private individuals over the age of 18 and to traders domiciled in Sweden and for the sale of goods (products below). With us, you as a customer can easily place an order at ebbavonsydowjewelry.com. To increase clarity, there is a date marking in the header. If the terms of the Agreement have changed, an end date is also stated. If the end date is stated, the Agreement applies until 00:00 on the day on which the Agreement expires. You as a customer are given the opportunity to accept these terms in connection with your order. Terms or parts thereof in this Agreement that deviate from mandatory legislation are without effect to the extent that the deviation is not in favor of the customer. This provision only applies if the customer is a private person and that the purchase refers to private consumption.

ORDERING At Ebba von Sydow AB, you order products easily and conveniently. We offer secure payment options and secure deliveries. Ebba von Sydow AB receives your order when you click on the "complete order" button at checkout (step 1 of 1). When Ebba von Sydow AB has received your order, you will receive the e-mail "Order confirmation" to the e-mail address you provided when you ordered. When we send you the "Order Confirmation" email, this Agreement will also be terminated. Should it be impossible for us at Ebba von Sydow AB to deliver your order, we will contact you immediately. Should this occur, we will offer you a new solution provided it is possible. When you accept our proposal for a new solution, this Agreement is concluded. Shop safely with the right to change your order Should you change, you also have the opportunity to change your order. To change the order, please contact us via e-mail at: shop@ebbavonsydow.com. Change of order must be notified before order is packed (executed). Shop safely with the right to cancel If you regret it, we offer you to cancel the placed order. To make a cancellation, please contact us by email at: shop@ebbavonsydow.com. Cancellation must be notified before order is packed (executed).

PRICES AND FEES Prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) including VAT (VAT) according to the current tax rate. VAT for products subject to VAT is charged at 25%. Fees for shipping may be added to each order, see §7. Delivery in this Agreement for more information. Fee for uncollected consignment If you as a customer should not collect your order in the manner agreed, we will charge a fee of SEK 299 including VAT. The fee is necessary for us to be able to cover shipping and handling costs that arise. Note that if you do not receive or pick up a shipment, it does not count as if you have announced that you have regretted your purchase. For more information see §8. Right of withdrawal and repurchase below. Offers Offers and promotions marketed on ebbavonsydowjewelry.com apply as long as the stock lasts if no other conditions are reported in connection with the offer.

PRODUCTS AND RANGE All products offered on ebbasports.com are adapted for use on the Swedish market. This means, among other things, that the products meet Swedish environmental requirements and safety regulations. If required for the use of the product, instructions for use in Swedish are included. Color reproduction on product images The product images displayed on ebbasports.com must reflect the product's color and other characteristics in the most realistic way possible. Because color reproduction can vary depending on the type of monitor you use as a customer, we can not guarantee that the colors of the products accurately reflect the colors you experience on your monitor.

PAYMENT Klarna Checkout makes it easy, flexible and safe for you to shop at Ebba von Sydow AB. By answering a few questions, you can easily identify yourself and you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Klarna Checkout distinguishes between purchase and payment. First you confirm your purchase and then you choose how you want to pay. More about Klarna Checkout here!

FULFILLMENT Ebba von Sydow AB will start fulfilling this agreement when you as a customer receive the e-mail message "Order confirmation". Ebba von Sydow AB has fulfilled its part of this agreement when you have received full delivery of ordered products in your possession. You as a customer have fulfilled your part of this agreement when you have paid in full and received delivery of ordered products in the manner agreed.