BIOpH Washing Tablets

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Your workout-wears BEST friend! Highly concentrated fragrance-free laundry tablets for workout clothes, socks, underwear, wool and other fabrics (also GREAT for towels...). The tablets effectively eliminates bad odors in fabrics and washing machines - yes, even at low temperatures.

How to use:
1. Throw in all your favorite workout clothes in the laundry machine. Use a washing program that is at least one hour long...
2. Place 2 - 4 tablets in the drum. Bye, bye bacteria and bad odors!
3. Yes, it can be used solo - or with other laundry detergents. 

Hand Wash: 1 tablet in 5 liters of water. Soak textiles for one hour, then rinse.
60 tablets = sufficient for up to 30 machine washes or 60 hand washes. NOTE: Not ideal for silk!

BIOpH+ (BioCool) is an award-winning Swedish brand that works with innovation, developing environmentally friendly products. All products are biodegradable. Produced in Gävle, Sweden.