5 Questions: Ebba Kleberg von Sydow, Founder

Written by: Ebba Mary Matilda Kleberg von Sydow

Ebba, why did you chose to create a sportswear label?

- I have always wanted to start my own brand but never found the right niche. It wasn’t until I had a big shift in my own life that this idea came to me. Taking care of my health and my body became a big priority and something I truly enjoyed doing! However, managing to get workouts in between meetings and family commitments made me realize that there was a gap in the market in terms of the clothes out there. I needed to be able to move between all those things without constantly changing what I wore - THAT was my niche!

What was the thought process when creating the clothes?

- We wanted to make high performing, classic pieces with exceptional attention to detail. I worked with designer and stylist Marina Kereklidou to make the designs and with every piece of clothing there is something extra - a long cuff, a slight ballet inspired neckline or a whimsical pattern. It pushes them a notch above just sportswear and makes them easy to style and wear with your regular clothes as well.

How is Ebba Sports different from other sports brands out there?

- Well, we are a small, female led - owned, and founded - company which makes us stand out - women designing for women. Our attention to everything from function to fashion sets us apart.

What are your hopes and dreams for this project?

My hope is that people will be able to tell how much love and work has gone into making the perfect pieces at the highest quality. They will be able to feel it when they wear it. I want to grow the brand while building a supportive and positive community around it.

If you had to pick one favorite piece from the collection now, which one would it be?

- Oh, that's TOO hard! It's like asking me to choose one of my children... I can't. But, ok, today? It has to be the leopard printed leggings! I have a soft spot for this pattern and the intricate design of these leggings is something extra. Wear them with any of your wardrobe basics for an instant mood boost!